How to order Bread

Ordering is easy! Each week, we offer two bread choices:


  • The Baker’s Choice – One of an ever-changing array of loaves that inspire the Happy Monk baker and delights customers. The Cinnamon-Raisin loaf is a perennial favourite, for example, as is the Olive Sourdough. Other breads, such as the Approachable and the Spelt-Honey loaves are popular sandwich breads, and we offer a variety of flavourful, dense rye breads, for rye afficinados.

The Baker’s Choice is announced every week in the Happy Monk Tidings e-newsletter. It comes out Wednesday morning, and it’s your signal that THE SHOP IS OPEN! Sign up for the newsletter below on this page.

The newsletter also includes a link to the Happy Monk blog. Find out what’s on the Happy Monk’s mind!

Order your Standard and/or Baker’s Choice from the Shop. Order either or both, as many as you like, placing your loaf choices in your Cart.

Proceed to Checkout and choose your payment method. We offer credit card payment or cash on delivery. If you like, you can choose cash on delivery and then make an e-transfer from your financial institution to Or you can just bring good old fashioned cash to the pick-up location!

A word of advice: ORDER EARLY!

The email newsletter is meant to help you order your bread. Check it to see if there’s something that appeals. If you want to place an order, do it early in the day! There are a finite number of loaves each bake day, and it’s first come – first serve.

Mildrith, the wood-fired oven, can only bake so many loaves in one firing. Sometimes that limit is reached early in the day and we have to cut off orders. We try to accommodate everyone, but some days it’s just not possible. We’d rather not disappoint, but Mildrith can’t do more than her limit.

Why do you have to order on Wednesday to get your bread by Friday?

Because it takes time to make real bread! Sourdough needs time to ferment and proof! The Happy Monk needs to know how many loaves to make Wednesday evening. Mixing the dough starts late Wednesday and continues all day Thursday. It finally goes into the oven early Friday morning. You get your bread fresh from Mildrith … but it takes time!

How do you get your loaf on Bread Day?

Read on! Click here.

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