Bread Menu

All Happy Monk bread is made with wild-yeast sourdough and left to ferment for hours to develop flavour and strength. Commercial yeast is added to bolster the rising power in some rye loaves. Breads are available by order, which you can do at the Shop page.

Each week, the Happy Monk Baking Company bakes a sourdough loaf we call the Salish Sourdough, and a seed loaf that we call the Seed Feast. We also make a “Baker’s Choice” each week, which is whatever inspires Brother Geoffrey. A weekly listing of breads is posted here or emailed to our customers.

Here is a list of some of the Happy Monk’s favourite loaves that you will see at the market or in your subscription:

Salish Sourdough Country Loaf – A lofty country loaf with a gentle sour taste, shattery golden crust and tender creamy crumb. Made with freshly milled Red Fife and bread flour.

Ancient Grain – Long before the GMO varieties of wheat we consume today, there were luscious grains that were beautiful to taste: einkorn, spelt, Kamut®, emmer, durum. Every week Happy Monk will feature one of these wheats as they are available. Mixed with Red Fife and bread flour for further nutrition and strength.

Porridge – Similar dough to Salish Sourdough, but with the addition of a porridge to bring different flavours to the loaf. Fermented steel cut-oats, toasted millet or nixtamal corn.

Seed Feast – Our Red Fife and bread flour loaf bolstered with handfuls of toasted seeds that are soaked overnight. Handfuls of flavour, too, with sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and flax seeds.

Seedy Rye – A substantial loaf with the tangy flavour of rye and sourdough. This is a dense bread loaded with seeds and made to be sliced thinly and savoured as an open-faced sandwich. Long-lasting, the flavour comes into its own after one week.

Rugbrøt – A Danish bread, the one the Danes choose above all others. Made with coarsely milled rye grain, flour and sourdough This is rye, unadorned, celebrating the grain’s old world flavour and character. Best enjoyed as smørrebrød, Danish open-faced sandwiches.

Desem – One of our favourites, this simple loaf is made with nothing more than Red Fife flour, salt and water and tastes creamy and wholesome. Belgian in origin, it makes superb toast and can handle any topping you love.

Baker’s Choice – When a sack of spelt grain comes our way, we’ll make something delicious. Or Kamut or Emmer grain. Occasionally, we will venture into the gluten-free realm. Sign up for the weekly newsletter below.

Seasonal – The Happy Monk likes to stay close to home. Pender Island is full of promise with its locally grown produce and artisanal creations. Brother Geoffrey loves experimenting. Look for Pender Island Apple Bread in the fall, Panetone in December, fruit breads in the summer.