Picking up your bread

Bread day is Friday!

The Happy Monk Baker is up in the early hours of Bread Day, making sure that Mildrith, the wood-fired oven, is hot enough (or cool enough) to bake bread. Loaves go into the oven, then out, filling the air with beautiful smells.

The loaves cool for a while, they’re packaged and labelled, and soon they’re ready for customers to pick them up.

Where do you pick up your loaves?

We have three pick-up locations:

  1. The Happy Monk’s Place, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., 9919 Southlands Drive, South Pender … for South Penderites.
  2. Corbett House – 2:30 p.m. until dark, 4309 Corbett Road, on the front porch, for Port Washington and area residents.
  3. Medicine Beach Shopping Area – 3 p.m.-ish to 4:30 p.m., for Magic Lake and Trincomali residents. We park in the parking lot by the bulletin board.

You can pick up your bread at any location that’s convenient for you. But don’t think you’re stuck with one place only. If you live on South Pender but work on North Pender, let the Happy Monk Baker know you’d like to fetch your bread at Medicine Beach, for example.

If your address is on Yardarm Road, we’ll mark you down for Medicine Beach by default. Or if you’re on Gowlland Point Road, you’ll pick up at the Happy Monk’s place. If you want to change, let us know!

Look for an email reminder on the morning of Bread Day

If you’ve ordered bread, you’ll get an email reminder that your bread will be ready at your pick-up location. Check your in-box first thing in the morning.

If you can’t make your bread pick-up

If you can’t be at the pick-up location for whatever reason, don’t worry! We’ll get your bread to you somehow!

Just let the Happy Monk Baker know at happymonkbaker@gmail.com or telephone, (604) 831-1455. If it’s not too late or if you’re nearby, we’ll deliver the bread to you ourselves. We’ll make arrangements that are suitable for both of us.

It’s a point of pride for us that you get your bread while it is fresh and delicious and that means same day.

What should you expect when you arrive at the pick-up?

All bread orders are bagged, stapled and labelled with the names of those who’ve ordered.

Pick-up at the Happy Monk’s Place is between 9 a.m and 11 a.m. Come on through the gate and proceed down the driveway. You’ll soon see Mildrith, the wood-fired oven close to the house, under a log and beam shelter. The bread bags are laid out in baskets on the stainless steel table by the oven. There is an “Honour Box” with plenty of change for those who’re paying with cash.

Take your loaf (loaves), pay if you have to, then call someone at home and tell them you’re coming home with some really good bread! Put the soup on! Break out the sandwich fixings!

Maybe you’ll see the Happy Monk himself! Say hi! Maybe you’ll see a group of customers chatting away. Introduce yourself. Ice-breaker question: “What’s your favourite Happy Monk Bread?” (Everyone’s got an opinion!)

The Corbett House location, which operates all day starting around 12 p.m., is an unattended pick-up. Bread orders are left in baskets on the front porch of the house. If you’re paying by cash, there’s an “Honour Box” to leave your money.

Special Note: The Pollard family often leaves the gate closed to stop deer from coming in and devouring the apples. If you’re picking up bread, you’ve got legitimate business being there. Be sure the to close the gate behind you, coming or going! (Thanks!)

Everyone knows your name

At the Medicine Beach shopping area, which operates between 12 p.m. – ish until 2 p.m. You’ll see someone from the Happy Monk parked close by the entrance to the parking lot, by the bulletin board. Park nearby and pick up your bread. Or go to the liquor store, first, and buy a chilled bottle of wine to go with lunch or dinner … which should include some Happy Monk bread. A case of hearty craft beer works well, too!

Often it’s the Happy Monk Baker in attendance. It may be another friendly person. But it’s always a place where everyone knows your name … because there’s a bag with your name right on it. 🤣

I may as well admit, I’m often a bit late at this stop, all depending on bread production, packaging or dealing with customers. If I’m not there at the stroke of noon, hang tight … or come back later.

That’s about all you need to do to get your bread. Easy right? Pretty soon it will all be second nature.

Enjoy your bread!

Wait … How do you order bread in the first place?

Read about that here!

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