An Inspiration in the Early Morning

In the early morning hours, sweeping out the oven, bringing dough baskets down from the fridges … even before the birdsong starts, I listen to bread podcasts to keep my sleepy brain focused.

One, in particular, has become a bit of an obsession for me, The Rise Up Podcast. It’s a celebration of bakers and their bakeries and the communities they serve.… Continue reading

Make Your Own Yeast

Active, bubbly, sweet-smelling wild yeast. Who needs instant?

Blame it on the Coronavirus!

That and the perplexing penchant of people to horde commodities they think may dry up. Toilet paper at first, then flour, bleach and sanitizer, face masks … and now yeast!

That all seems so long ago. There was never a real shortage of these items, just pressures on the supply chain!… Continue reading


Here’s an article by me that appears on pages 94 and 95 of the first edition of FolkLife magazine. Very pleased to be a part of this beautiful publication. Find it in Pender stores, the Gulf Islands and newsstands everywhere!

Please support FolkLife, too: They are just getting off the ground and welcome your support and ideas.… Continue reading

Bread: The Great Leveler

Bread is the great leveler.

While mixing bread dough last week, I listened to a captivating podcast called “Bread: The Rise and Fall.” It was from CBC Radio’s Ideas program, initially aired in 2017.

It was captivating because it was a deep dive into the cultural, religious, and symbolic aspects of our favourite subject here, bread.… Continue reading

The French Factor

The boulangerie-patisserie in La Roche Vineuse: “The best in all of France!” (picture courtesy of Google Street View).

Several years ago, Jennifer and I rented an old farmhouse in the Burgundy region of France. La Roche Vineuse was a small village near Mâcon, a little more than an hour north of Lyon. In the month we were there, we grew into the rhythms and life of the rural farming community.… Continue reading