The Breadman’s Quest for the Stanley Cup

I usually stop following hockey once the Vancouver Canucks miss or exit the Stanley Cup playoffs. Not this year, though. I’m over the 10-year hockey malaise that overcame me after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in 2011. I’ve had low moments in my life, but that loss and the grim riots that followed were a hard pill to swallow.… Continue reading

Road/Bridge Closures: Be Here Now!

The one-lane South Pender bridge will be closed for three weeks.

The Canal Bridge to South Pender will be undergoing deck repair starting next week, May 16 through June 4, 2022. That means the bridge will be closed intermittently for three weeks.

This may affect our Happy Monk bread deliveries to North Pender Island.

We’ve been trying to get more specific information.… Continue reading

An Artisan Bread Manifesto

Behold, this loaf, the staff of life!

It is beautiful to look at, chestnut-coloured, with a patina of flour on its expanse of crust, dark brown with a bit of char along its scoring lines.

Breathe it in deeply! Close your eyes. It transports you! The aroma is intoxicating, earthy, buttery, and exotic.

Glorious to taste, the crunch of crust, creaminess of crumb, a dense chew with darker notes, the subtle hint of wheat, grass, malt.… Continue reading

A Podcast about Pender Island

Art Off the Fence 2018
The Pender community is beautifully illustrated in Chris Wakaluk’s amazing podcast, “The Stories that Brought You Here.”

How could I have missed this podcast?

This latest find, “The Stories That Brought You Here,” is a podcast made on Pender Island and all about Pender Island. It’s been active for four years, and I hadn’t heard of it until recently when two people independently mentioned it.… Continue reading

Walking with my Father

James Morton with his three progeny, (left to right) Ian, Christy and David (the Happy Monk)

I love poetry because it can open spaces inside me that are so hidden I might not know they are there. A word, a line, a rhyme can cast a light on something that could make me think, why have I been so oblivious to that?… Continue reading