Colossal Roughhousing in Boundary Pass

Monday late afternoon, the water was lively, spirited

The south-easterlies blew overnight across Boundary Pass from the San Juans. The power went out before midnight, and we huddled in a dark bedroom that wasn’t much in the way of trees outside that might fall on us.

The wind howled through the night and most of the next day.… Continue reading

To all the Bakers! Past, Present, Future and Imaginary

Claire, imaginary and past baker

After posting last week’s blog on one of my bread teachers, I recalled a quote from another baking hero of mine. The U.S. baker and author Jeffrey Hamelman says in his book Baking: A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes:

What a wonderful feeling it is to turn and look behind us at the hundreds of generations who have baked before us and realize that we have inherited the accumulation of their experience.

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Francis Olive: “To the Staff of Life”

Francis Olive

She used to be meticulous about not posting her picture anywhere, not on her vast bread baking websites, not on Instagram or Facebook. All we had were shots of her hand holding up a beautiful loaf of bread, with a hint of tattoos on her wrist and fingers.

And yet we felt Francis Olive’s presence through her written word, the bread she baked and photographed for her blogs.… Continue reading

Season of Apples

“And now comes the sweet of the year,” John Falstaff might have said, pondering the bounty of autumn to his pals in Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part II.

Grapes and apples are falling off the vines and trees. Their branches and clusters are groaning with weight, they need propping up from early May until ripe October.

And the “frosty asters, like a smoke upon the hill” or the smouldering hues in the maple tree, the damp smells of Fall in the forest after a day of rain.… Continue reading

Sourdough September and Real Bread

This Desem Bread has only whole wheat flour, water and salt.

Fall is upon us. Last week summer was still here, but starting Wednesday, there were two days of cooler temperatures then, boom! the first storm of the season, including a South Pender power outage for most of the day. Just like that, Summer’s done! 

Sourdough September is nearly over, too!… Continue reading