A Bowl of Bread Soup

La Tailleuse de Soupe” by François Barraud, 1933

I’ve been asking Happy Monk customers what they like to do with their bread. The answers thus far have been tummy-warming. They never fail to make my stomach rumble. To hurry home and try whatever they’ve described for using their Happy Monk loaf.

Some pick up their bread and tell me their immediate plans.… Continue reading

A Thousand Loaves of Bread

I was a little surprised and quietly pleased last week when I realized we had passed the 1,000 loaves mark in Happy Monk bread production.

As of last Friday, I tallied 1,033 loaves over the 38 weeks since we started operations on March 14, 2019. That’s not including test bakes and the one embarrassing “bread fail,” when a bunch of pumpkinseed rye boules did not rise.… Continue reading

Cold Water In Boundary Pass

Perched on a clump of rocks 40 feet off shore, the baker gazes out into Boundary Pass. It’s the perfect salve after a long day of mixing dough.

The ocean off the prow of our property is frigid, even in the warm months. On a melting summer day, the waters of Boundary Pass are soothing to wade into, a welcome relief from the heat.… Continue reading

Morning on the Back Forty

Dawn on South Pender after the bread is out of the oven.

The morning is mine because no one else is awake to claim it, except a few deer in the back forty and a mouse hiding in the woodpile. I’ve stepped outside into the chill and darkness, lit a fire in the wood oven. The flames crackle.… Continue reading