Celebrating the Pender Island Apple

Pender Island Apple Bread – a confluence of sourdough, Pender apples and Pender-born apple cider from the Twin Island Cider company.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate and revel in Pender Island’s apple heritage. The island, after all, is awash in apples at summer’s end. Apples of all sizes and varieties. They come from beautifully tended orchards that produce many tonnes of fruit.… Continue reading

An Inspiration for the Happy Monk

Giacomo Pacchiarotto — “A young lady writing a hymnal”

The Song of Oswald, my unpublished novel set in 14th century England, has three main characters. Richard is the dour monk, ejected from his abbey at the beginning of the story, a bit of a sad-sack. Oswald is Richard’s long-lost brother, a renegade, a “Robin Hood” character, the polar opposite to Richard.… Continue reading

A New Look at the Noble Miche!

Regard the noble miche on the knee of the man at far right. “Les Canotiers de la Meurthe” by Emile Friant, 1887.

You can see it in paintings from the old world, an enormous loaf on a table along with roasted meats, overflowing bowls of fruit, flagons of wine. The bread is rustic, crusty and the sight of it, along with everything else on the table, evokes taste, aroma, a sense of plenty, celebration.… Continue reading

Bread and Pender Island: The Happy Monk Blog

A Happy Monk customer once told me that the next best thing to eating Happy Monk bread is reading the Happy Monk blog.

Well, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. But I was surprised to look back, a while ago, and find that there were now over 70 blog posts! “My god!” I thought, “that’s turning into a small body of work!”… Continue reading

A Water World

Even during the recent days of fire-smoke, I relished my late afternoon swims. The tide is high. The water is clear and flat, often with barely a ripple on the surface. I stand knee-deep on the foreshore, looking out at the pink sky or into the smoky murk. I’m surrounded by the familiar landscapes, the rocky cliffs behind, the Living Rock Island in our little bay, the rocks 30 feet offshore I like to swim out to.… Continue reading