The Baker’s Arms

The Five Alls public house, Cheltenham, U.K.

Six years ago, on a tour around the Cotswolds, Jennifer and I walked into a Cheltenham pub. It was late afternoon. The day had been dark and rainy, and this place was a cheerful antidote. We sat down at a table near a roaring fire in a brick fireplace and looked forward to warming up and having something to eat.… Continue reading

Thanne Longen Folk …

When Chaucer (left) wrote the Canterbury Tales in the 14th century, it was still largely ‘pre-first contact’ times. Spring meant similar things to people in England as the W̱SÁNEĆ people living on the islands in this part of the world. But the ways in which they were expressed, as in The Thirteen Moons of the W̱SÁNEĆ Year (right), were worlds apart!
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Living in Place: An Appreciation of Pender Island

Just over 10 years ago, Jennifer and I moved to Pender Island from Vancouver.

It was a cold, windy November day. The power went off for a few hours. A neighbour came down the driveway while we waited for the moving truck to arrive. “Welcome to Pender Island,” he said. “You better get used to this weather!”… Continue reading

Wheat Connections to Ukraine

Ukraine is more than a country on the far side of the globe under attack by a brutal dictator. The Russian aggression affronts me. It saddens me what is happening inside the country and neighbouring nations. I feel, too, for those who’ve emigrated to Canada and are watching what’s happening in their homeland.

The Ukrainian flag, golden wheat field, blue sky … one interpretation

But we also have physical and symbolic ties to Ukraine that are long-standing.… Continue reading