Baker’s Choice: Olive Sourdough


This loaf features a deep vein of olive flavour with a pleasing combo of green Haldikis and purple Kalamatas poking through the crust and crumb. We also mix a tapenade through the dough to fully incorporate the flavour of olives.

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This loaf is like a bowl of olives at the dinner table. Inviting, earthy, pungent, tasting of olives through and through. There are bits of briny Kalamatas and marinated green Halkidikis poking through the crust and crumb of this loaf. They beckon you to take a bite, and once you do, you’re rewarded with a deep vein of flavour, not just from those you see but from a tapenade that has been massaged into the dough itself. The olives are marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, homegrown rosemary, oregano, lemon zest and juice. A big scoop of these olives is used to make the tapenade, so you have a double wallop of olive flavour. You don’t need anything else with this bread, but a little plate of EVO and proper balsamic vinegar might be nice to have on hand for dipping.