Baker’s Choice: Spelt and Honey Sourdough


The summer sweetness of honey joins the hearty flavour of spelt flour. Welcome the honeyed tones of summer with this lovely tasting sourdough loaf made with locally milled spelt grain!

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Spelt and honey were made for each other. It’s a match made in heaven!

The Spelt and Honey Sourdough loaf is a perennial favourite of Happy Monk customers, who love it for its delicious warmth, flavour and aroma of spelt and honey. The nutty, hearty flavour of spelt grain welcomes the taste of honey, born of summer on Pender Island.

Our honey comes from The Cottonwood Creek Apiary, right here on Pender Island. It’s a blend called “Barry’s Gold,” after apiarist Barry Denluck. The honey carries “classic wildflower” flavour notes and pairs well with the Okanagan-grown spelt grain, milled by the Happy Monk Baking Company. Unbleached organic bread flour keeps the crumb pleasingly soft. This loaf, as with all Happy Monk breads, is made with wild-yeasted sourdough!