Sourdough Love

Doesn’t she look grand?

It’s complicated, my relationship with Bettina.

When she’s smelling sweet, I’m in love! When she doesn’t smell right, I worry what’s wrong. Is it something I said? Something I forgot to do? Sometimes she’ll be smelling good, but she doesn’t rise, or her bubbles just don’t look right. She doesn’t use her words very well, so we have to communicate on the unspoken level.… Continue reading

The Joys of Firewood

A neighbour once said, “A delivery of firewood is thrice enjoyed: Once, when the wood is delivered, next, when the wood is stacked and put away, and finally, when it is burned.

To this, I would add a fourth: chopping. As required. I shall explain.

There is no natural gas on Pender Island, and few people bother with propane, except to run their stoves.… Continue reading

Today, I rest!

I was well in to my bread delivery rounds, yesterday, somewhere in Pender Island’s Magic Lake Estates, when I realized I was not feeling in the peak of health. The Magic Lake sub-division is a labyrinth of winding roads with pirate-themed street names. Jolly Roger Crescent, Foc’sle Road, Galleon Way … the list goes on.

Bread deliveries in Magic Lake?
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That Rye Flavour: Reaching for Something from the Past

Spot the rye! (It’s the distinctive grey-blue coloured grain in the bottom left)

Rye is an alluring grain that nevertheless gets overlooked by its domineering cousin, wheat. Even other ancient grains such as spelt and durum have a higher profile. On Pender Island, it is easy to find these flours, but nary a bag of dark rye flour.… Continue reading

The Happy Monk and the Art Walk

Mildrith drew Pender Island art enthusiasts Easter Sunday 2019

It was an honour and it was unexpected. I was invited some weeks ago to be an “artist” in the South Pender Island Easter Art Walk, a long-standing tradition in this part of the world. Painters, jewellers, fabric artists and craftspeople open their studios to show their work to Islanders and visitors.… Continue reading