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Today, I rest!

I was well in to my bread delivery rounds, yesterday, somewhere in Pender Island’s Magic Lake Estates, when I realized I was not feeling in the peak of health. The Magic Lake sub-division is a labyrinth of winding roads with pirate-themed street names. Jolly Roger Crescent, Foc’sle Road, Galleon Way … the list goes on.

Bread deliveries in Magic Lake? Either way, I didn’t feel well making the delivery rounds, yesterday!

The road in front of me was not heaving like a stormy swell off the Tierra del Fuego. I wasn’t being tossed about the decks on a three-masted barque, but I could definitely feel the onset of a cold. I was sleepy at the wheel, and fantasized about crawling into bed as soon as I was home.

I made it through the last deliveries, went to bed and slept two hours, almost through to dinner. Alas, the cold persists today. Headache, sore throat, you know the symptoms.

Spring colds are bitter medicine for those who have a penchant for activity, to-do lists, backyard chores. After a bake and delivery day, I am full of righteous accomplishment and want to carry the momentum into more task completions. Or, if tasks don’t inspire me, engage in something more like productive rest, such as lying in the sun with a book or making a pot of soup for dinner.

Look outside!

Outside, Spring continues its blossoming. The gorse of South Pender covers the landscape with its vibrant yellow flower and sweet scent. The clumps of purple and white lavender in our garden are in full bloom and seem to shimmer in the afternoon sun. The waters of Boundary Pass, so choppy and grey all winter, are calm, blue and inviting.

Perhaps I should walk down the road to Brooks Point Regional Park to see the Chocolate Lillies, the droopy, purple and yellow blooms now making their brief annual appearance. They won’t be there many more days, but my body wants to stay still.

“I’ve seen them before,” the ailing baker tells himself. “And they’ll be back next year.”

What about carpe diem? Seize the day! My alter ego throws up objections, remonstrations, accuses me of sloth and indifference! Behold, the world! Why let a sniffle and headache hold you back?

I should put my foot down! I’ve already written this week’s Happy Monk blog post, I should say. There is still time to make a decent supper. I won’t be “productive” today, but there is always tomorrow.

No, today, I rest.

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