Mysticism and Bob Dylan

Standing in front of Mildrith in the early hours has given me a few spine-tingling moments. The night is at its darkest. I’m alone; I’m the only one awake in the world, well, at least the only one on my small road on South Pender Island.

Any noise I hear is magnified, exaggerated by the darkness, and made more dramatic, haunting.… Continue reading

A Vancouver Neighbourhood

“The syrup of blackberry scent and sweet peas”

17th and Laurel Street, Vancouver, where Jennifer and I lived (house left), and fiery Phil and family’s house (right). (Jen and I had no fence or palm trees in the front yard. The new owners changed our front garden soon after they moved in. The front walkway though is the same one I built.)
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This Island of Apples

It’s apple season on the Island of Apples. Branches are bending with the weight of the glorious fruit, the air of the orchards sweetened with apple scent. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and all that. We are deep into autumn now.

Our lone apple tree produced no fruit this year. No tubs are waiting to be filled, and I’m on the hunt for apples to knead into my bread dough.… Continue reading

Greetings from St. Francis and Mildrith

It’s morning, birdsong, and St. Francis blesses the bake.

Early mornings in front of Mildrith, as I sweep out the ashes and load the hearth with bread, I feel the presence of St. Francis, the saint statue resting on the wall of the oven shelter.

It’s little more than a block of concrete cast into the likeness of St.… Continue reading

A Golden Loaf of Gorsefield Rye

This could be the best 100% Rye Bread ever made on Pender Island.

There can’t have been too many over the years. I made it last weekend with rye grain grown in Pender Island soil, specifically that of the large Gorsefield off Craddock and Southlands Drive, South Pender.

The Rye was planted by Vince and Katie, the new owners of the Gorsefield.… Continue reading