An Approachable Recipe

The Happy Monk Approachable Loaf from last week’s Baker’s Choice

Last week’s Baker’s Choice — The Approachable Loaf — proved to be a bit of a hit. People loved the taste, its versatility, ease of cutting, pillowy texture, and keeping ability. It’s a sandwich loaf, first and foremost, but it also toasts well. I really enjoyed a slice, slathered with butter, alongside a bowl of spicy lentil soup.… Continue reading

Bottleneck at the refrigerator!

fermenting dough baskets

I have a refrigeration problem.

Last week, I had orders for more bread than my fridge could handle. My second-hand fridge that is devoted solely to bread production can hold up to 24 loaves in a squeeze. I once tried 26 and it wasn’t pretty. It’s at full capacity.

Sourdough sleep-over

Why do I need refrigeration for Happy Monk bread?… Continue reading