Nothing I Cared in the Lamb White Days

Gazing out on the Salish Sea, across Boundary Pass at the moon rising over the San Juans, I am humbled by the stillness and intense beauty. It’s prime summer, just now, and the scene is emblematic of this time and place, South Pender Island.

We are in the dog days of summer, those sultry, humid days of bees, dragonflies, and swooping swallows.… Continue reading

The Magic of the Grouse

It’s interesting how a childhood experience can signify something entirely different decades later.

Perhaps your memory of a happy time turns out to be unsettling in later years. Or, as in this case, a frightening afternoon as a child turns out to be something wondrous and formative much later in life.

This happened to me on a snowy winter’s day, a Sunday in 1963, in West Vancouver.… Continue reading