Bloomsday and the English Major

This Friday, June 16, I’ll celebrate Bloomsday, the fictional day in Dublin that unfolds throughout James Joyce’s famous novel, Ulysses.

I’ve written about Bloomsday before (see last year’s post, Breakfast on Bloomsday). Joyce’s Ulysses is one of the great novels in the English language. Right up there with Shakespeare. It’s a challenge to read but loved worldwide for its colour, language, humour, poetry and grim beauty.… Continue reading

Breakfast on Bloomsday

A day in the life of Leopold Bloom

What will you have for breakfast this Thursday, June 16? Anything special?

I’ll probably have a slice of toasted Seed Feast loaf from last week’s bake with a smear of peanut butter and pour-over coffee. I’ll raise my first steaming cup to Jennifer and wish her a happy Bloomsday.… Continue reading