Baker’s Choice: Spelt and Toasted Buckwheat Sourdough


This loaf boasts a nutty flavour and pleasing texture made from Spelt and Buckwheat, along with rye and organic bread flour. To accentuate the nutty flavours, the buckwheat is oven toasted before it’s added to the dough. A dusting of roughly milled buckwheat on the crust gives a true artisan look to the loaf and kicks the flavour up a notch. Ancient grain meets a modern artisan method in this lovely loaf.

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When we use the expression “the ancients,” the mind might go to Plato, Aristotle or Virgil, writers whose ideas were the basis of modern philosophy and the arts. When bakers use “the ancients,” they are probably thinking of Spelt, Einkorn or Emmer, ancient grains that were the foundation of the earliest forms of bread.

Today’s Baker’s Choice: Spelt with Toasted Buckwheat Miche makes liberal use of spelt flour along with a modernity of wheat flour, rye flour and toasted buckwheat. But instead of dry ideas, this bread comes alive with the luxurious nutty flavours of the spelt and toasted buckwheat, including a soft open crumb. It’s a hint of how the earliest bread might have tasted. And its slightly grainy texture from the dusting of roughly ground buckwheat bran on the crust gives this bread a satisfying, wholesome texture.

Look back to the ancients with this flavourful nod to the past along with a hearty welcome from the present.