Baker’s Choice: Rye-Currant Sourdough


Delicious rye flavour with the sweetness of currants and raisins scattered throughout the crumb and finished with a generous brushstroke of sweet raisin water on the crust.

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This bread has an excellent sourdough taste and quintessential rye flavour. How could anything be better?

How about “two scoops of currants” in every loaf! With the big rye flavour and the scattered sweetness of the currants and raisins, this bread has lots going for it. A further layer of sweetness comes from a generous spray of currant water on the domed crust just before it goes in the wood-fired oven.

This is a pan loaf, an updated version of an earlier Baker’s Choice. It’s an old standard, but this one comes from Poilâne: The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery. A thin slice of this bread is excellent toasted with peanut butter and jam but holds well with Wensleydale or Stilton.

This bread is vegan-friendly.