Baker’s Choice: Russian Rye


A dark, flavourful sweet-sour rye loaf with a tender crumb and the crisp taste of coriander. Suitably exotic.

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We call this Russian Rye, but it’s better known as Borodinsky Bread in Russia. It refers to a key battle during the Napoleonic Wars in the small Russian town of Borodino. Despite weakened Russian troops, the French only narrowly eked out a small victory after enormous casualties. The story goes that on the eve of the fight, the wife of a Russian general wanted to bake some special bread to encourage the troops. She found coriander ripening in the early September sun and crushed some seeds to flavour her loaves. And so it was that Borodinsky Bread acquired a heroic status among breads, through association with a crucial event.

Thus crushed coriander seeds join 100% rye flour and an irresistible flavour of malt syrup to flavour this delicious Russian Rye bread. Eat it in open-faced sandwiches with smoked salmon, savoury or sweet spreads, borscht or boiled potatoes. Chase it with a small glass of ice cold vodka, and victory shall be yours.