Baker’s Choice: Polenta and Rosemary Sourdough


A luscious Happy Monk sourdough loaf with creamy polenta and herbaceous rosemary folded in. It toasts beautifully.

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You need to experience the creamy flavour and texture of polenta with rosemary folded into a Happy Monk sourdough loaf. It’s truly a bread that heralds Spring, with its measure of comfort and corn flavour and earthiness from the fresh taste of rosemary. Polenta is a kind of Italian porridge made of coarsely milled corn and simmered in milk (or broth). The subtle sweetness of the corn and rosemary is uplifting, hinting at warmer weather to come. The crust is dark and hard and splinters when you first slice it. The crumb is flecked with yellow and green specks, and the bread exudes a heady aroma of sourdough. A slice makes glorious toast and happily welcomes a spread of ricotta cheese and a drizzle of honey.

The organic cornmeal is sourced from B.C.’s Okanagan and milled by the Happy Monk. The rosemary grows wild on our property.