Baker’s Choice: Pender Island Apple Bread


The goodness of Pender Island apples from Black Rabbit Farms, and bolstered by Twin Islands Cider make this a celebration of our island home and glorious Autumn. The apples are dehydrated to intensify their flavour and sweetness and the pieces are scattered through our wholesome wood-fired sourdough. Delicious!

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You would think that an apple-growing island like Pender would have a bread that incorporates the sweetness and texture of our apples. They’re everywhere! From the famed orchards of Port Washington, all the way down to the South Pender legacy orchards looking out on the Salish Sea. Here’s the Happy Monk Baking Company’s bread that truly celebrates our apple heritage.

Pender Island Apple Bread takes pride in our far-ranging apple crops, this time with smooth-tasting Golden Russets,  bright Liberty apples and Sweet Sixteens … all from Pender’s own Black Rabbit Farm orchard on Pirates Road. Just a handful of the many apples that grow on our Island’s shores. They’re all mixed together for a layered taste bonanza.

We process the apples through our workhorse dehydrator, and we’ll bake the dried fruit into our Salish Sourdough dough. Dehydrating intensifies the apple flavour and, at the same time, prevents them from releasing excess moisture into the dough. You’ll taste the essence of apple throughout, but you’ll also get a sweet flavour burst when you bite into a morsel of dried apple.

To make this bread even more Pender, we’re adding some of the best cider produced anywhere — our own Twin Islands Cider. That adds a new layer of apple intensity so you can genuinely celebrate Pender Island’s apple excellence!