Baker’s Choice: Old World Rye


A lightly flavoured and textured rye bread that’s easy to slice and pairs well with strong savoury ingredients, like smoked meats, cheeses, pickle and onions. A great sandwich bread, that is rounded out with the flavour of nigella seeds. Just a hint!

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Here’s a Rye bread lighter in flavour and texture than the usual Happy Monk rye loaf. It’s lightened with bread flour (60%), so the taste of the rye (40%) is highlighted differently. And there’s a hint of nigella seed, something new, like caraway seed, with a smoky aroma and notes of onion, cumin and oregano. The seeds are dispersed throughout the crumb, and a few sprinkled on the crust for a slight crunch and a sharp tang. The seeds were introduced to me by a Polish friend, who called them czarnuszka, a flavour that evoked memories of her childhood in the old country.

This is the kind of rye you’d find in a European delicatessen. Think of sandwiches graced with smoked meats, cheeses, pickles and mustards. I can’t help but see a tall glass of pilsener beer alongside or a steaming bowl of tomato soup with rice.

This bread contains some dairy, including butter and eggs.