Bakers Choice: Oat Porridge + Honey Bread


A crispy oat-flaked crust encompasses a creamy crumb that sings the praises of oat porridge in all its rich, sweet flavoured glory. A little glug of Pender Island honey adds a luscious note of warmth and sweetness.

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Let us turn our thoughts and tastebuds to Oats and Oat Porridge Bread. Don’t shrug your shoulders and say, “Meh, big deal!” Wait until you’ve tasted the rich, sweet flavour of the oats, coupled with the exceptionally moist, custardy crumb imparted by the cooked grain. We’ve toasted the oats before cooking them on the stove. Then we’ve added a glug of Pender’s own Barry’s Gold Classic Wildfire Honey to complement the porridge, just the way you might throw a little something extra into that pot of oatmeal you make on winter mornings.