Metchosin Wheat and Honey Loaf


This Baker’s Choice loaf highlights locally grown wheat from Metchosin, B.C., just outside of Victoria. We’ve added 20% bread flour to the Metchosin wheat to balance the tannin overtone of the flour, along with a dollop of Pender Island honey.

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Our daily bread is getting closer to home! This pan loaf of Metchosin-grown Hard Spring Wheat, along with Barry’s Gold honey from Pender Island, is about as close as we can get to home-grown bread! And it all comes together in the wood-fired warmth of Mildrith, the Happy Monk Baking Company’s oven.

Our miller, Nootka Rose Mill of Metchosin, has worked with farmers over the years, and this new supply of local grain from Stillmeadow Farm is a welcome reward. The Baker’s Choice pan loaf is a simple bread meant to celebrate this new grain and highlight its flavour and “terroir,” the characteristic taste and flavour of the wheat and the environment that produced it. The bread is 80% Metchosin Wheat with 20% bread flour to balance the slight tannin flavour of the whole wheat. The addition of Barry’s Gold Classic Wildflower blend honey adds a subtle sweetness to the loaf.

This is a good chance to experience the flavour of wheat … to really taste it. And if you’re familiar with South Vancouver Island, maybe you’ll taste Metchosin, too!