Baker’s Choice: Durum-Sesame Sourdough


The subtle grassy flavour of Durum wheat combines with toasted sesame seeds inside and out. This grain is widely used in pasta, but here it makes a superb loaf with a subtle golden crumb

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You’ve had Durum wheat before. Think pasta and that ingredient listed on the package: Durum Semolina. It’s a grade of coarsely milled durum wheat. And that golden pasta colour is characteristic of the grain itself, which you’ll also see in this loaf of Durum-Sesame Sourdough!

Let’s take this grain away from pasta for a moment so that we can enjoy its soft golden hue in a loaf of bread. It has a subtle grassy flavour that is tinted, in this loaf, with sesame seeds inside and out. It has a full texture and a denser crumb than the fluffier white sourdough varieties. It’s an excellent base for a sandwich or for dipping in good olive oil.