Baker’s Choice: Double-Fermented Oat Bread


Fermented steel-cut oats are added to our sourdough, bringing two layers of fermentation and two layers of taste. A spoonful of honey adds a touch of sweetness to this delicious bread!

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Steel-cut oats are pre-fermented and softened for two days before being added to the sourdough late in the fermentation process. This means there are two levels of fermentation and with it, two layers of flavour. Add a spoonful of honey and you have double deliciousness.

The extra fermentation also makes the bread more digestible and nutrient-rich. Those with gluten sensitivity may find this easier on the digestive system than other loaves.

And, as with all Happy Monk breads, it is baked in our wood-fired oven for true artisan quality.

Some vegans, not all,  include honey in their diets.