Baker’s Choice: Cranberry-Pecan Sourdough


This wholesome celebration loaf combines sweetness and nutty texture, along with a heady purple colour brought on by natural tannins in the soaked pecans. The cranberries provide sweet flavour droplets to help you feel celebratory. Contains honey.

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This is a celebration bread, so what’s to celebrate? How ’bout the coming holiday season? Celebrating with feasts, wood fires, a good book and a warm blanket. And friends and family around the table! Good cheer and comfort! We’re moving forward! Do we really need a reason to celebrate? Yes! And here’s the bread for it!

It’s a Cranberry-Pecan Sourdough loaf with nutty pecan textures and soaked cranberries for colour and sweetness. Slice it open and you’ll discover a purplish crumb, created by tannins in the pecans and a trace amount of iron sulphate (from a vitamin tablet). Its soft crumb and dark crust are beautiful to look at, and you’ll enjoy the subtle sour tang of sourdough-leavened bread.

This Cranberry-Pecan Sourdough works well as buttered toast, and would gladly accept honey as a companion. If you have leftover roast chicken in the fridge, put a few slices in a sandwich with this bread. Bacon, lettuce, chipotle mayonnaise!

This loaf contains some honey.