Baker’s Choice: Sprouted Purple Barley Sourdough


Organic Purple Barley grains are sprouted to coax more flavour and nutrition from this special ingredient. The sprouted grain is folded into a dough made from Metchosin, B.C.-grown whole wheat and bread flour from Saskatchewan. The crust is sprinkled with sunflower seeds to add texture and flavour to this beautiful sourdough bread. (The pictured loaf does not show the sunflower seeds).

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Here’s a new take on the Purple Barley Bread we offered as Baker’s Choice back in April this year!

We’re using the same organically grown Ethiopian Purple Barley from Against the Grain Farms of Ontario, but this time sprouting the grain instead of just soaking it. We hope to coax out a more grassy barley flavour by germinating the barley berries than our earlier loaf.

And adding more grain for more flavour! A sprinkling of sunflower seeds on the crust will add a pleasant nutty note to the chew.

Make no mistake. This purple barley was not grown in Ethiopia! It is a variety that may have originated in Africa but was grown in Mountain, Ontario, about 50 km south of Ottawa. This purple barley has found acceptance among bakers and distillers alike.

Against the Grain Farms is an organic “regenerative” grain operation that aims to renew the production and use of locally grown heritage grains.

This recipe is closer in spirit to Chad Robertson’s take on Purple Barley Bread from his book, Tartine No. 3. Other ingredients include Metchosin-grown whole wheat, organic bread flour from Saskatchewan and grey sea salt from the coast of France.

It is made from all plant-based ingredients and is suitable for a vegan diet.

The pictured loaf does not show the sunflower seeds.