Baker’s Choice: Sprouted Kamut


The ancient grain Kamut (also called Khorasan) is featured in this sprouted grain loaf, along with a mild, grassy flavour and a light yellow hue to the crumb. It’s also easy to digest, something that people with mild gluten sensitivity might enjoy.

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Back to the ancient grains, this time bringing out the sweet flavour of Kamut, also called Khorasan wheat.

Kamut is trademarked and held by a Montana-based company to protect the genetic purity of Khorasan, which is a golden-coloured relative of durum wheat. Some of the Kamut grains in this bread have been sprouted, making them softer, edible and more digestible.

The Kamut grains swell in size in the sprouting process, so we’ve coarsely ground them before adding them to the dough of whole-grain Kamut and bread flour. The chopped sprouted grain disappears in the crumb over the long rise and final bake, but the sweet Kamut flavour denotes their presence. Their grassy flavour is evident, too, in this beautiful-looking and tasty loaf.

This loaf is suitable for a vegan diet.