Baker’s Choice: Potato Rosemary Bread


A hefty, savoury, dense loaf that maximizes potato flavour with chopped fresh rosemary providing a subtle accent. Great with EVO and Balsamic.

SKU: potato


Potato bread came about in late 18th century Europe after numerous grain failures devastated the population. Bakers scrambled to develop breads with other ingredients, such as oats, barley, peas and potatoes. Most of the experiments amounted to little, but potato bread earned wide acceptance and is highly regarded today for its tenderness and flavour.

This loaf is hefty, savoury and dense, but the density gives way to a remarkably tender interior. We roast the potatoes to concentrate flavours and maximize moisture. The subtle potato taste gets little extra pop from chopped fresh rosemary from our garden. It works as toast and stands up well to soups, salads and stews. A few slices make a great appetizer on the summer patio, served alongside a dish of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and real Balsamic Vinegar.