Baker’s Choice: Mountain Rye


A flavourful, dense rye loaf with fresh-milled red fife and rye grain, lots of seeds and nuts and coarse rye meal for texture. We’ve also added a mild German spice mixture for flavour.

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It’s Mountain Rye time again, with its delicious taste of rye grain and bread spice. This was one of the first Baker’s Choice options for the Happy Monk Baking Company, featuring a mix of freshly milled B.C.-grown Red Fife wheat and rye grain, nuts, seeds and coarse rye meal. This week, by popular demand, we add a hint of caraway flavour in the bread spicing, which also includes some anise, fennel and coriander.

The spice formula is called brotgewürz and is used widely in German rye bread. It has no fixed formula but includes those listed above in varying proportions. I like to err on the side of mildness.

Store Mountain Rye ‒ as with all dense rye breads ‒ in a cool, dark place, but never in the fridge. If you freeze it, be sure to wrap it well!

Suitable for vegan diets. Contains nuts.