Baker’s Choice: Hot Cross Buns


This deck of eight luxurious sourdough hot cross buns contains plenty of raisins, currants and homemade candied orange peel. A syrupy glaze adds a little sweetness, but mostly, these sourdough buns are just delicious!

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Get in the mood for Easter with a deck of eight luxurious hot cross buns. Expect some added punch to these traditional rolls, including a hint of booziness in the fruit, homemade candied orange peel, and spices with a little more depth than usual. They’re glazed with a thin layer of simple syrup to add a little sweetness and to give them some extra shelf life. But mostly, these sourdough buns are just delicious!

Eat these traditional spiced buns toasted with a bit of butter. Or go a little rogue: add little maple syrup to your butter, then whip it up and spread. Peanut butter and banana slices work well on fresh toasted buns. How about a slice (or two) of crispy bacon? Luxurious, yes!

Hot Cross Buns have eggs, butter and milk so they’re best for non-vegan eaters!