Baker’s Choice: Bold Beer Bread


Features a big pour of Hoyne Dark Matter beer, given a subtle backdrop by two different sourdoughs and old fashioned fresh yeast. Made with Vancouver Island-grown whole wheat, organic rye flour and bread flour from Saskatchewan. Shines as toast and brilliant served with soup or salad.

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Introducing the Happy Monk’s Bold Beer Bread. It isn’t made for guzzling; it’s made for savouring!

It features a big pour of Hoyne Brewing Company’s Dark Matter, a bold flavoured beer. It’s not as roasted as a stout, nor as sweet or alcoholic as a porter. Whatever its style, it’s one of my favourite local brews for mixing into bread … as well as enjoying a glass on its own.

Bold Beer Bread is made with two different sourdough cultures and a bit of fresh yeast, for an old-fashioned home style flavour, a pleasant backdrop for the beer to shine. There is a kinship between beer and bread: both made from grains and with a common heritage in the good earth. They go together in every respect in this new recipe!

It’s great as toast in the morning or served along with a big busy fresh salad.