The Nouveau Bread Basket

The bread basket that used to arrive at restaurant tables was mainly an afterthought. Remember them?

Thickly sliced white bread or bland, colourless buns that were even a bit stale at times. It was accompanied by a few pats of butter, often too cold to spread without tearing the crumb to shreds. We took them for granted, expected the servers to put them on the table.… Continue reading

The Gingham Tablecloth at Nick’s

Nicks's Spaghetti House on Commercial Drive.

I’ve been thinking of how a sensory experience — an image, a taste, a sound — can trigger a flood of memories, long forgotten, that transport you instantly to another time or place.

How Marcel Proust tastes a madeleine cookie at the beginning of Remembrance of Things Past. He is overtaken with a feeling, “an exquisite pleasure … something isolated, detached, with no suggestion of its origin.”… Continue reading