An Approachable Recipe

The Happy Monk Approachable Loaf from last week’s Baker’s Choice

Last week’s Baker’s Choice — The Approachable Loaf — proved to be a bit of a hit. People loved the taste, its versatility, ease of cutting, pillowy texture, and keeping ability. It’s a sandwich loaf, first and foremost, but it also toasts well. I really enjoyed a slice, slathered with butter, alongside a bowl of spicy lentil soup.… Continue reading

A Bowl of Bread Soup

La Tailleuse de Soupe” by François Barraud, 1933

I’ve been asking Happy Monk customers what they like to do with their bread. The answers thus far have been tummy-warming. They never fail to make my stomach rumble. To hurry home and try whatever they’ve described for using their Happy Monk loaf.

Some pick up their bread and tell me their immediate plans.… Continue reading