This Island of Apples

It’s apple season on the Island of Apples. Branches are bending with the weight of the glorious fruit, the air of the orchards sweetened with apple scent. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and all that. We are deep into autumn now.

Our lone apple tree produced no fruit this year. No tubs are waiting to be filled, and I’m on the hunt for apples to knead into my bread dough.… Continue reading

Dog Days

Early August is the beginning of summer mellowness. Time slows, the swallows swoop, the summer lawns hiss and whisper. The full-fledged season now stretches before us. It lasts only a few weeks, but in the end, it will seem like months.

Upbeat July fades away like an old postcard; the preparation and rush to the beaches and road-trip holidays, lawn furniture and picnic hampers loaded in the trunk.… Continue reading

Thanne Longen Folk …

When Chaucer (left) wrote the Canterbury Tales in the 14th century, it was still largely ‘pre-first contact’ times. Spring meant similar things to people in England as the W̱SÁNEĆ people living on the islands in this part of the world. But the ways in which they were expressed, as in The Thirteen Moons of the W̱SÁNEĆ Year (right), were worlds apart!
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These Waters, This World Around Me

The sky on Monday evening was hazy, smudged, colourless. There were no clouds and no promise of a “sailor’s delight.” You could barely see Stuart and Waldron Islands through the murk.

I stood knee-deep in the water on our little beach at the foot of the cliff. The tide was unusually high. Despite several days of scorching temperatures, the water was as icy as ever.… Continue reading

The Sea Lion on the Rock

Steller sea lions are common in the Gulf Islands

The morning birdsong, the great harbinger of Spring, has been magnificent the past few weeks! Is it as spectacular as ever? Or reduced in some way due to climate change? To me, the birdsong is as splendid as it ever was, like legions of earthbound angels celebrating the light and warmth of Spring.… Continue reading