One ha’penny, two ha’penny!

I suffer from a common affliction called earworm. At any given moment, there might be two or three musical tunes on permanent rotation in my head. They’re not all playing at once, mind you. When one earworm fades or shows weakness, the next earworm asserts itself and assumes control. There are legions of these songs waiting in the queue.… Continue reading

The Beatles and Hot Cross Buns

Beatles for Sale in 1964 and they still sound great!

During last week’s great hot cross bun bake-off, I found companionship, joy, and energy in The Beatles. I am not kidding!

Do this right now: find the original recording of John Lennon singing Twist and Shout (on the Please Please Me album)! I defy anyone not to stay still, let alone dance, while listening to this ball of energy.… Continue reading