An Arizona Baker Bakes Bread with the Flour of his Ancestors

Ah, Saturday mornings!

A sleep-deprived baker who’s worked through a Thursday and well into Friday afternoon needs a Saturday morning! A luxurious lie-in, a delicious pour-over coffee and a slice of Happy Monk rye bread for breakfast!

It’s also a time to get caught up, a time for inspiration for the next week.

This Saturday morning, I got around to reading a New York Times article sent to me by an observant customer.… Continue reading

Why Eat Ancient and Heritage Grains?

I’m not fond of telling anyone what to do. But if you value the planet and agricultural diversity, you would do well to eat more ancient and heritage grain products.

Einkorn, Spelt, Khorasan/Kamut, Emmer, Millet … we’ve always promoted these grains at Happy Monk Baking Company, and there are many reasons for it.

#1 Reason: The flavour advantage

My number one reason is flavour!… Continue reading