It’s 2021, and the Happy Monk is Back!

Greetings, friends!

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Sad Monk, Happy Monk

The abbey gate and precinct to Boxley Abbey, near Maidstone, Kent

 I am Richard and once was a monk of the Cistercian order at Boxley Abbey, north of Maidstone, Kent. It is now the Year of Our Lord 1389, and I am far from that life of poverty, contemplation, and silence that I lived for most of my years.

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Ode to Mildrith the Wood-Fired Oven

Mildrith the wood-fired oven of the Happy Monk Baking Company, Pender Island, British Columbia
“She’s my one, my only,” I think. But I must be dreaming.

When I step outside at 2 a.m., it’s cold and dark. I find my way to Mildrith’s shelter with the light of a headlamp. Sometimes a light breeze jostles the wind chimes. They sound like an eerie, monastic night-chant. Compline.

The fire in Mildrith, the wood-fired oven, has been burning 17 hours.… Continue reading

Our Daily Bread

A mid-summer open-face sandwich with a slice of Happy Monk Einkorn bread, a slather of mayonnaise and a juicy tomato. Finished with a few grains of salt and a twist of the pepper mill. This picture courtesy of Carla Babcock. Note the fine Japanese bread knife used to slice the bread.

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