Here’s to the Homely Loaf!

Here’s to the homely loaves, the misshapen ones, the misfits and the troublemakers. The loaves with the blown-out sides, the ones that refuse to rise to the occasion, the ones that go their own way, no matter what you do, to make them pretty and light and colourful.

You can vilify them. You can apologize for them.… Continue reading

Dreams of Bread

Bread inspiration comes from many places. I used to dream of bread, squishing dough between my fingers or tossing it into the air and catching it, feeling its weight and texture before tossing it up again, light as air.

It was common in these dreams for loaves to be rising in the background while other things were happening, looking out at the ocean, having an argument with someone, or having a kiss.… Continue reading

No-Knead Bread, Revisited

Readers of the New York Times may have noticed that the well-known “No-Knead” bread method is back in the news.

In a May 3 article, the Times food writer, J. Kenji López-Alt, took a look back at the breadmaking method that revolutionized home baking in the early 2000s. It’s a startlingly easy way of making bread that produces excellent results.… Continue reading

Nina’s Pain Sauvage

A Happy Monk attempt at Nina’s Pain Sauvage

Nina Raginsky is on to something!

Her Pain Sauvage is nothing short of a revelation, being made without any leavening of any kind. No sourdough, no commercial yeast, just whole flour (and grain meal), water and salt. And it makes the most delicious bread.


She lives on Salt Spring Island in a 100-year-old house, which she calls her “Maison Sauvage” and tends her garden, which she calls her “Jardin Sauvage.”… Continue reading