Harumph! Author Says Leave Baking to the Professionals?

Many modern bread books are formulaic: they take a unique angle — such as current trends in the bread world, an author’s professional experience or a historical perspective — then present a tantalizing selection of bread recipes aimed at the home baker.

Safe, entertaining, and informative.

Maybe it’s time for a shake-up in the bread world.… Continue reading

On The BreadNet

A garden of fun facts about bread and baking on the Internet.


Think you’ve seen it all?

Take a look at the @breadfaceblog on Instagram.


She’s a young Asian-American woman who became an Internet sensation a few years ago. Her claim to fame?

Smooshing her face into bread products.

That’s it. But lots is going on beneath the surface of things.… Continue reading

The Nouveau Bread Basket

The bread basket that used to arrive at restaurant tables was mainly an afterthought. Remember them?

Thickly sliced white bread or bland, colourless buns that were even a bit stale at times. It was accompanied by a few pats of butter, often too cold to spread without tearing the crumb to shreds. We took them for granted, expected the servers to put them on the table.… Continue reading

A Baking Summit in the Loire Valley

A recent New York Times article described an impressive get-together of nine Europe-based bakers — a kind of summit of baking innovators gathering in a picturesque location, the Loire Valley in France.

They were celebrating the publication of a new book, New European Baking, by Berlin-based American baker Laurel Kratochvila and the conclusion of her promotional tour.… Continue reading

The Enduring Promise of Bread-Making Machines

Imagine the promise of having a constant supply of homemade bread practically without lifting a finger! In the late 1990s, mixing and kneading bread dough seemed onerous to the 40-year-old me. Easy-to-make, inexpensive bread was too much to resist! So I bought a bread-making machine.

What could go wrong? Dump a few ingredients into the tub, shut the lid, press a button, and get on with your day.… Continue reading