A Baking Summit in the Loire Valley

A recent New York Times article described an impressive get-together of nine Europe-based bakers — a kind of summit of baking innovators gathering in a picturesque location, the Loire Valley in France.

They were celebrating the publication of a new book, New European Baking, by Berlin-based American baker Laurel Kratochvila and the conclusion of her promotional tour.… Continue reading

An Arizona Baker Bakes Bread with the Flour of his Ancestors

Ah, Saturday mornings!

A sleep-deprived baker who’s worked through a Thursday and well into Friday afternoon needs a Saturday morning! A luxurious lie-in, a delicious pour-over coffee and a slice of Happy Monk rye bread for breakfast!

It’s also a time to get caught up, a time for inspiration for the next week.

This Saturday morning, I got around to reading a New York Times article sent to me by an observant customer.… Continue reading

Confessions of a Would-Be Baker

Feeding the multitudes

I don’t consider myself a professional baker by any means. I’ve never studied a baking program, never worked in a bakery. I’ve learned a few tricks from books, watched a few videos like everyone else. And I’ve learned a bit by doing. Making larger quantities of bread than just a couple of loaves at a time.… Continue reading

An Inspiration in the Early Morning

In the early morning hours, sweeping out the oven, bringing dough baskets down from the fridges … even before the birdsong starts, I listen to bread podcasts to keep my sleepy brain focused.

One, in particular, has become a bit of an obsession for me, The Rise Up Podcast. It’s a celebration of bakers and their bakeries and the communities they serve.… Continue reading