Whole-Grain White Wheat


A whole-grain loaf that blends red wheat with a milder white-wheat variety to soften the bitterness and make the dough taste naturally “sweeter.”

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Hard red wheat, the most common variety used for bread flour, often has a slightly tannic, bitter flavour. It’s one reason that so many whole-grain breads have sweeteners added. This loaf blends red wheat with a less tannic white-wheat variety to reduce the bitterness and make the dough taste naturally “sweeter.” A whole-grain bread made sweeter by using a blend of wheats. This is not the same as white flour!

The loaf is inspired by Chad Robertson, a San Francisco-based baker and author. He’s achieved near super-star status in the bread world, but in fact, he’s a modest fellow, not given to flash and pizzazz. This loaf seems the epitome of his contribution to modern bread: introducing the bounty and flavour of whole grain while keeping it simple. Flour, yeast, salt water deliciousness.

These loaves will be baked in pans, so they’re great for sandwiches. Suitable for a vegan diet.