Baker’s Choice: Volkornbrot


This dense, chewy rye bread is savoured for its substantial flavour and rugged texture. Features coarse rye grain soaked sunflower seeds in the crumb and crust. Healthy, filling, delicious!

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This dense rye loaf, Volkornbrot, is standard in Germany and Austria as baguettes are in France. That’s not to say it’s taken for granted. It’s savoured for its substantial flavour and rugged texture. It’s made with a two-stage fermenting technique that brings out sourness in one phase and sweetness in the other. The pleasing texture is thanks to very coarsely milled rye grain as well as whole rye flour. No all-purpose flour here! Lots of healthy, fermented goodness.

This version, Volkornbrot mit Sonnenblumen (with sunflower seeds), features beautiful flecks of moistened sunflower seeds throughout the crumb and crust. They add a note of lightness to the dense rye texture and flavour.

This bread holds its own with rich, hearty foods. People love it for breakfast, thinly sliced and topped with mustard, ham, and cheese! No one would object if you laid a nicely fried egg on top!