Baker’s Choice: Rye and Spelt Sourdough


This rye and spelt loaf has a Scandinavian hybrid, but with gentle twist … a generous splash of Guinness Stout and a slow drizzle of barley malt syrup. Satisfying to the last drop!

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Let me pour you another glass of rye bread. Straight up, no ice.

This delicious loaf celebrates its time-honoured essentials: wholegrain and sifted rye, a little spelt, some seeds and a happy, active rye sourdough starter. It has a Scandinavian hybrid, but I’ve added more than just a splash of Guinness Stout to give it stoutness. A bit of malted barley syrup for sweetness. It is dense and a bit smoky, chewy and satisfying. It’s excellent on its own with just a schmeer of cultured butter or with open-faced sandwiches: avocado, pickled onion, smoked salmon.

Have another sip! There’s more where that came from!