Baker’s Choice: Mountain Rye with Orange


A flavourful, dense rye with lots of seeds and coarse rye for texture and a luscious spice mixture for flavour.

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It’s Mountain Rye time again, with its delicious taste of rye grain and bread spice. But this time, we’re adding a citrusy twist: the addition of orange zest to the bread, offering a lighter summery note of flavour. The seeds and coarse rye meal still feature in this recipe, which produce the authentic taste and texture of a European bread.

Orange flavour figures in many recipes in the world canon of rye formulas. Stanley Ginsberg’s The Rye Baker, catalogues breads with orange zest, including loaves from Sweden, German and Russia. It’s a surprising, but, ultimately, a welcome addition to a traditional rye loaf.

Store Mountain Rye ‒ as with all dense rye breads ‒ in a cool, dark place, but never in the fridge. If you freeze it, be sure to wrap it well!