Baker’s Choice: Garlic Levain


This Garlic Levain Bread is suffused with locally grown roasted garlic (Braeloch Farms), natural sourdough levain, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh rosemary. The flavours are built on organic bread flour (Saskatchewan) and Vancouver Island-grown whole wheat. Our grey sea salt comes from Ile de Noirmoutier in the Bay of Biscay, France.

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The bread is called Garlic Levain because it’s infused with mashed, slow-roasted garlic and naturally leavened with sourdough. Garlic, olive oil, and rosemary leaves are gently massaged into the dough. You’ll pick up the subtle flavours with every bite, including the gentle taste of sourdough.

This bread features garlic from Pender Island’s Braeloch Farms in Port Washington. It’s a pleasure to taste food risen from our own soil, in this case, garlic planted, nurtured and brought to market by Victoria and Shawn Crichton. There are many growers on Pender, but Braeloch garlic is one of the real treasures.

This is proper garlic bread, not a slab of baguette slathered with harsh garlic butter and shaved parmesan served as an afterthought with spaghetti or lasagna. It’s a delicious dipping bread served with quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and dark, sweet balsamic vinegar. A chilled dry white would be happy to join this little party.