Baker’s Choice: Whole Wheat – Spelt Sourdough Pan Loaf


The flavour of ancient spelt grain is showcased in this pleasing whole grain pan loaf. We’ve enhanced the wheat-spelt taste with additional wild yeast to add strength and a modest sourdough tang that Happy Monk customers seem to enjoy.

SKU: spelt-pan


I’ve been craving a good shot of spelt flavour, recently. Something that showcases the grassiness of spelt taste in a sturdy, wholesome loaf. I’ve tinkered with this formula for a pleasing-looking pan loaf that contains nothing but whole grain – in this case, a hard white winter wheat for dough strength and mildness of flavour so the spelt grain has a chance shine. None of the freshly milled B.C.-grown organic flour is sifted, so you’re getting all of the goodness of both grains used. I’ve also increased the amount of wild yeast used to strengthen the dough and to enhance the overall taste profile with a note of sourness that Happy Monk customers seem to enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: I can only bake a limited number of pan loaves of this bread at this time – 12 to be exact. I seem to have misplaced a number of loaf pans and 12 is the number I am left with. So let me know early what your preference is. If I receive more orders than I am able to bake I will contact customers to suggest a second choice.