Baker’s Choice: Sprouted Emmer Sourdough


Emmer grain kernels are sprouted and added to a dough of whole wheat flour, bread flour and freshly milled emmer. You’ll taste the sweet nuttiness and enjoy the delicious texture of this ancient grain.

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Welcome to Emmer, the ancient grain that has been grown and consumed for thousands of years. It’s an honour to bake with it, because of its great age. Though the grains we’re using here come from organic farms in the Okanagan, they’ve journeyed through distance and time from the Fertile Crescent. It’s also called Farro, a direct ancestor to durum wheat. It has a distinctive nutty flavour with a note of sweetness.

To make this a modern loaf, we’ve sprouted the emmer grains to bring its unique flavour to the fore. We’ve also used freshly milled emmer flour along with whole wheat and bread flour. It’s a loaf that carries the weight of several millennia … but don’t let that weigh you down. It delicious at any time!