Baker’s Choice: Sprouted Buckwheat Sourdough


This loaf has a haunting earthy flavour with a note of sweetness from the sprouted buckwheat groats. It is not a gluten-free loaf, as the buckwheat here is used for its lovely flavour and texture.

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Buckwheat lends a haunting, earthy flavour to many baked products, not just the buckwheat pancakes at IHOP. However, the problem is that this grain has virtually no gluten and will produce flat loaves if you use too much of its flour. We sprout the buckwheat grains first in this loaf, softening them and creating a slightly sweet flavour. Then they’re added later in the mix when the dough has a well-developed structure. We sprinkle the crust with crushed buckwheat grain, which toasts in the oven and adds a more intense flavour and texture to this delicious loaf.

PLEASE NOTE this is not a gluten-free bread. Buckwheat is used here for its lovely flavour.

This loaf is suitable for a vegan diet.

Ingredients: bread flour, whole wheat flour, sprouted buckwheat, sourdough leaven, water, salt.