Baker’s Choice: Sprouted Einkorn Sourdough


Einkorn is one of the oldest of ancient grains and this sourdough loaf and sings of its long history with a grassy, nutty flavour and superior digestibility.

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Let’s try Einkorn again! It was one of the Happy Monk’s first Baker’s Choices, and people loved the nutty, grassy flavour of this ancient grain.

The French call it le petit épeautre, the little spelt, because the grain is tiny, with a low chromosome count of 14, instead of 42 in modern wheat. It was gathered and used by civilizations in the Fertile Crescent for 30,000 years, and properly domesticated 10,000 years ago. Many claim einkorn is more easily digested than other grains, and this is further enhanced when paired with sourdough leaven.

But you’ll find the taste of this bread reward enough for trying it. The organically grown grains are fresh-milled by the Happy Monk Baking Company the day before mixing, along with fresh-milled whole wheat flour and organic bread flour from Saskatchewan.

You’ll love the grassy flavour, the light sourdough tang and the chewy crust. This time, we’ve added sprouted einkorn kernels to add to texture to the crumb and even more flavour over all!