Baker’s Choice: Apple Rye Bread


An honest rye loaf with nuggets of dried, sweet apples nestled in the crumb. You’ll enjoy the usual chewiness of the rye, with a shot of Autumn sweetness poking through.

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Rye is a sociable bread! It’ll make friends with anything, as long as you make the right introduction! It’s autumn, now: “Mr. Rye, I’d like you to meet Ms. Apple! Ms. Liberty Apple to be exact.”

In the past, we’ve introduced carrots to a rye loaf, and oranges, raisins and currants, not to mention some delicious spices. It’s high time for apples! These ones come from the orchard of Black Rabbit Farms on North Pender Island.

The Rye loaf is a simple combination of organic rye flour from the Okanagan, organic sea salt from the coast of France and natural yeast, cultivated by the Happy Monk baker. It’s an honest loaf, but the sweet Liberty apples are dehydrated before mixing, concentrating their sugars.

You’ll experience these little nuggets of sweetness when you bite into this chewy loaf.

Rye and apple! What a glorious combination!

This loaf is suitable for a vegan diet.